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How We Use Cookies

"Cookies" are little bits of information installed on computers related to your visit to a website. All websites use them. We have become more aware of them since the European Union required these notifications on how cookies are used.

There are session cookies (which are created temporarily and then deleted) and persistent cookies (which remain and are activated when you next visit). We use Google cookies for analytics. They anonymously tell us such things as where a visitor has come from (e.g. directly or from Google search), how many people visit our website and which pages are more popular. Cookies track how visitors interact with content on the site in order to monitor and improve the functionality of our website.

Since we link videos, Facebook also tracks your visit unless you block third party tracking.

The only visitors we know are members who have registered, but even then we do not know when or what places they visit. The system mentions cookies used for marketing but we do not use those. We do not advertise on our site so no marketing cookies are used. The cookies we use do not identify you personally.

You can modify the cookie settings or not, it doesn’t matter to us.  Hope that puts your mind at ease. On the other hand, you might like to try the "Super Agent" extension on your notebook or desktop browser to automate the process of rejecting unnecessary cookies. (It's not yet available for phones)