Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Porterville Adventist Church Porterville California

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Adult Saturday Morning
Bible Study Options

We currently have two adult Bible study groups that meet on Saturday mornings from 9:30 to 10:30. The lead teacher is listed however sometimes the class may be led by an associate. You will be warmly welcomed in any of these groups.

The study groups are as follows:

Wallace Ruminson - Sanctuary
Douglas Motsenbocker - Pathfinder Room

Sabbath School Bible Study Resources

You can find the current study guides as well as an amazing amount of other resources on the Internet. Click around in these links and you will find many study helps.

Adult Study Resources
Bible Study Guide

Teachers Guide
“Good Word” printed outline and audio discussion.  The audio is a 15 minute radio broadcast from Walla Walla University.
Spectrum Magazine commentary on the current lesson.
Jonathan Gallagher, commentary and 1 hour audio discussion from Loma Linda area.

Collegiate Quarterly and link to Teacher's Guide
CQ’s World
Sabbath School U, Video and audio discussion by young people


Sabbath School Network lists various resources, such as Central Study Hour, Bruce Cameron, etc.