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Bible Book by Books

Studying the Bible Book by Book

You can work your way through a Bible book just like you eat an elephant &#8212 one bite at a time. Pick any book. If you are just beginning this type of personal study, try one of the Gospels or a New Testament Epistle. A commentary can help you understand the history and cultural background of a book. But to get the most benefit from God's word, we urge you to study the Bible for yourself.

As you select a section of scripture to study, choose a unit of thought - a story or paragraph (rather than verse by verse). You will get a better understanding of the meaning of a verse by studying the context of the complete section. Be sure to study with paper and pencil. It will help you think. Jot down any ideas or questions that come to mind while you are studying.

If you would like more suggestions for studying the Bible section by section, check out our guideline called, A Guide to Listening to God in Scripture with the accompanying worksheet in either MS Word or PDF format.

Would you like other suggestions for spending time with God's Word? There are many approaches to in-depth study of the Bible such as major chapters, word studies or Bible biographies. Here are some hints.

Remember, we are God's workmanship (Ephesians 2:10) (The New Living Translation says "We are God's masterpiece"). Our Spiritual Transformation is His work but we must be willing and place ourselves in His hands. So stay close to God.